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This project was brought to my content strategy class from the Cotopaxi’s VP of Field Marketing, Seth King. He gave us a very brief to audit for ways we could improve the customer experience of Questival, Cotopaxi's adventure race.

Here is what we learned

While waiting for our client contact for Cotopaxi to get back to us, we wanted to get an overall feel of the customer sentiment of the Questival event.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

A case study on customer engagement.

Experience design is far beyond, app and web design. For example, ever see BBH’s “The King” experience campaign? The whole campaign was architected by experience designers.

Using VR to Test a Voice Experience

The Opportunity

Quizlet Tutor is a voice first app that allows you to learn new topics while driving, mowing the lawn, or multitasking in general.

and any other test you can think of.

The Opportunity

In the 2018 remake of the movie Overboard, a single mom has to juggle the responsibilities of two children, multiple jobs, and a full-time nursing school course load.

How should you tell your story?

A VUI case study on a truly conversational hospitality experience.

Yes. I used comic sans. It’s a dialogue bubble!

The Project

What if Marriot wants to put an Alexa device in every hotel room?

Case Study One

What Empathy Really Means Part 3

A four-part series on the principles of scaling a product team.

Part 1: No Strategy = Failure

Caden Damiano

Product Designer at Progressive Leasing and Host of “The Way of Product Design” Podcast

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